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The                  Program

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People focused on Strengths are 6X as likely to agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

- According to Gallup

What is Strengths Coaching?

Strengths coaching utilizes the CliftonStrengths Assessment, taken by over 27 million people worldwide. The strengths-based approach is unique in that everything is led with positive intent. While other assessments certainly exist, these assessments don't always give the detailed nuances about how our motives, talents, co-mingle to make us who we are.


Everyone has talent, but after decades of research from Gallup, talent has been consistently shown to appear in 34 Unique Themes. These themes are what we call Strengths. Your Strengths are uniquely yours and operate together, building and adding to one another, which give you insight into how you show up in the world. When we know how to target those strengths effectively, amazing things can happen. 



Something you do consistently with near-perfect performance. 

You'll know it's a strength if...

  • It's something you're naturally drawn to, even if you don't fully understand why

  • When done/doing it, it makes you feel successful

  • It fully engages you; and when doing it, you often find yourself in a "flow state". 

  • After doing the activity, you feel energized, fulfilled, and powerful.

Chances are, you don't even know that you're putting your strengths to use. Which is pretty amazing, but also presents a downfall if you don't know how to name the strengths that are there. Imagine if you actually knew what it was that made you drawn to certain things. What could you do if you knew how to invest in your talents, turn them into strengths, and aim them at your goals? 

Shineee strengths coaching will...

  • Give you a framework to name the things you do naturally and with near-perfect performance

  • Provide you with the tools and guidance to claim your strengths and find the unique ways they've previously shown up in your life

  • Finally, we'll aim your strengths and create a personal development plan, unique to you

Identifying your talents - how you naturally show up and engage.



Investment to uncover your talents and turn them into strengths.



Operating in your Strengths and using them consistently.


What is it?
Shineee Coaching
Is it for you?

This is for you if...

  • You're in a place of transition and want insights into what you're naturally drawn to 

  • You're looking for ways to put your talents to work for you 

  • You're tired of trying "fix" your weaknesses when you feel your talents get overlooked

  • You have certain talents you might have to manage or get under control

  • You believe you have more to offer to yourself, your community, and the world

  • You're looking for ways to invest in yourself with a proven method - backed up by data and decades of research

The beauty of strengths coaching? Everyone can benefit. Truly. Whether it's 1:1 coaching, group coaching, or even coaching for executives, managers, and teams.  Strengths are not just about your personal development or your professional development. Strengths-based coaching focuses on you. As a whole person. When you learn your strengths you'll begin to easily spot patterns and ways your strengths show up in all facets of your life. It's really an "Ah-ha! moment!" for our clients. 


  • Learn how you uniquely build relationships and community 

  • Learn the ways you process information, situations, and people

  • In any given situation, know your go-to talents and how to lean into them

  • How you and your partner/friends/family complement one another or why there might be points of pain

  • Learn ways to fill up your bucket - you can't pour from an empty cup!

  • Learn ways to articulate the things that make you feel  heard, valued, and understood 

  • Be confident in the ways you show up in the world because you know why.

  • Learn more here


  • Learn the natural domain in which you lead:

    • Executing, Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, or Influencing

  • Ways to communicate your strengths (and lesser strengths) in common language to leadership or even prospective jobs 

  • Understand why you might be drawn to certain tasks, projects, or phases of a project and not others

  • Know where and how you show up on a team

  • Bring your best to whatever it is you do every day 

  • Learn more about understanding the strengths of those you manage

  • Begin to enjoy the work you do everyday by simply understanding your natural abilities

The Impact



real words from real people.

What's Included?

What's Included?


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  • One CliftonStrengths Assessment - Full 34 Report Included ($49.99 value - no need to purchase ahead of time)

  • Six-week program with group sessions and 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Four 1:1 coaching sessions with Jordan Fears-Neal

  • Four live group coaching sessions with others in the program to learn how your strengths work in real-life

  • Group sessions cover - Strengths Pairing, how strengths show up in the real-world, partnering strengths, and conflict resolution

  • An Individualized Development Plan utilizing your unique Strengths

  • Dedicated group on the Shineee App with access to our team during normal business hours

  • Weekly #askjordan where you can ask your questions and get feedback directly from Jordan

  • ​Our exclusive Shineee Coaching Package sent to you with coaching resources, materials, and other items you'll need for the program ($200 value)

Shineee's Founder, Jordan, in orange chiffon dress against green garage door.

I'm Jordan Fears-Neal a Certified Gallups Strengths coach and perceptive troubleshooter dedicated to seeing you Shineee. Founder of Megaluno, which houses Megaluno Consulting, The Fundraising School, LLC, and Shineee, LLC.

Jordan's Top 5 Strengths:


Have Questions? Check out our FAQS page.

Get Started

and I'll teach you how to aim your strengths to:

  • Understand how you naturally build trust with others

  • Learn how to share your opinions and thoughts with leaders and colleagues

  • Clarify expectations and boundaries while defining clear outcomes

  • Clearly figure out what others need from you 

  • Be more intentional about praising and recognizing the strengths or talents of those around you

  • Quickly move from resisting change to adapting or leading that change

  • How you process information and make decisions



One payment of:


Program can also be split into two payments of $1,125

2022 Cohort:


Shineee Guarantee

The Shineee Guarantee

We've never had someone complete their CliftonStrengths assessment and initial coaching and say, "No, that report doesn't line up with who I am." We find it's usually the complete opposite!


At Shineee, we stand behind this assessment and our coaching so much that if you are not completely satisfied that your report showcases your natural talents and strengths, we'll refund you the cost of your initial coaching session - 100%.

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