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"My life's passion is to leave everything and everyone better than I found them."

I've mentored, trained, and coached individuals and teams many times over the last 10 years of my professional career. But as a Certified Strengths Coach, I'm able to go into greater depth with each client, allowing me to speak life and positive intent to every person I coach. 


I firmly believe in doing the difficult things, not the hard things. Meaning - although it's difficult - learning to be proactive and prepared will keep you from doing the hard things that are reactionary and oftentimes ill-thought-out leading to frustration and burnout. 

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How Strengths Changed Me

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In 2017, I found myself banging my head against a wall, frustrated as I was trying to help Megaluno's clients understand the importance of strategy and planning, especially where grant writing was involved. I took the CliftonStrengths Assessment in September of 2017 and everything changed.

When I got my results of the CliftonStrengths Top 5 Signature Themes Assessment - everything clicked into place. I realized that once I had the freedom to work at my own company, my mind was able to explore the possibilities of my unique interests and talents. I realized the things that made me tick; all the things 


I cried when I read that report. I was in such a season of transition and reading how well it applied to me made me feel seen, valued, and heard. 

How Strengths Changed
My Company

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After taking the assessment in 2017, I realized my natural talents and strengths were pulling me in a different direction than the initial plan for my company.


I knew my talents, but I was struggling to put them into words. People knew me as Jordan the grant writer. I had "fallen into" the nonprofit world after college and felt like I was restricted due to the titles I'd previously held. But I was more than a grant writer - I felt trapped in a box.


We transitioned our services in 2017 to capitalize on not just my own strengths, but also my team member's strengths. From there, our businesses exploded and after five years, we've met every single one of our strategic objectives set in 2017.

Part of that strategic plan? Opening Shineee and starting the Shineee Strengths Coaching program. 

Pursuing the investment in my strengths changed my life.

What could you do if you knew the why and how you work? Let's find out, together.

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