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strengths coaching

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People focused on Strengths are 3X  more likely to report excellent quality of life.

- According to Gallup

Looking for Individual Coaching?

I do that, too.

I LOVE coaching individual clients. Sometimes, you just need that consistent, 1:1 support for an ongoing goal or project. And sometimes, it helps to learn more about how to apply your strengths practically in everyday life whether its work relationships, your marriage, parenthood - you name it!

Shineee's minimum coaching package starts with six coaching sessions and includes the cost of your CliftonStrengths Assessment - Full 34 Report. For more information about our 1:1 Coaching, we encourage you to set up a Discovery Session to learn more. 

We require a $15 deposit to secure your Discovery Session Call. This deposit will be refunded on your first invoice when you choose to work with Shineee. When you schedule your Discovery Call, we'll provide you with an assessment code to complete your CliftonStrengths - Top 5 Signature Theme Report.

The Shineee Guarantee

The                      Guarantee

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We've never had someone complete their CliftonStrengths assessment and initial coaching and say, "No, that report doesn't line up with who I am." We find it's usually the complete opposite!


At Shineee, we stand behind this assessment and our coaching so much that if you are not completely satisfied that your report showcases your natural talents and strengths, we'll refund you the initial coaching session - 100%.

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