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Picture of Jordan, Shineee's Founder, sitting on a yellow velvet couch staring to the right.

Jordan Fears-Neal, Founder and President of Megaluno Consulting, LLC, The Fundraising School, and Shineee, LLC. 

Jordan's Top Five Dominant Strengths


Our mission is to disrupt the way you've approached accessing and using your unique talents. At Shineee, we don't coach to overcome weaknesses. Instead, we focus on your strengths. We take what you do naturally, what energizes you, and invest time and effort to turn those talents into strengths. 

Ever find yourself...


  • struggling to explain how something comes so easily to you?


  • tired of being told to improve your weaknesses when you have so many talents and strengths that go unnoticed? 
  • getting into the "flow" of something and wondering how you spent hours, not minutes, doing it?
  • struggling to aim your natural talents at your goals leaving you frustrated and doing things the hard way.

Strengths-based coaching will not only answer these questions but create the language and self-awareness to change the way you show up for yourself and those around you. 

What is a Strength? It's something we do consistently with near perfect performance. You probably do these things so well you don't even realize it's happening.

When we focus on coaching someone's strengths instead of fixating on improving their "weaknesses" people are 3X as likely to report excellent quality of life according to Gallup.

WhyStrengths Coaching?


  • weakness-improving efforts often only remind us of points of pain


  • strengths use neutral themes. There are no "good" or "bad" themes
  • when we know our strengths we know not just the how we do things, but why
  • When we know how to talk about our strengths, we know how to aim them

Ready to get started?

How it Started...

In 2017, Shineee’s Founder took the CliftonStrengths assessment

two years after starting Megaluno Consulting.


Frustrated, Jordan felt stuck in a field where her company easily found success, but the work was taxing and highly unfulfilling. The results of her assessment shocked but also explained why she was feeling the pull to change the way they worked with clients. This led to a radical transformation in the services offered by Megaluno Consulting.

How it's Going...

Over the past five years, Megaluno Consulting has grown to serve nonprofits and corporations with Strategic Planning, DEI Strategy, Fundraising, and Coaching. Jordan credits part of this expansion and realization of her vision to her investment in learning her strengths outlined in her CliftonStrengths assessment.


In 2022, the Megaluno brand launched Shineee, LLC a company focused solely on strengths-based coaching for individuals, managers, and teams. We believe in the power of strengths simply because we’ve seen, and personally witnessed, how a strengths-based approach results in positive impact for individuals both personally and professionally.

Our Story

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The Shineee Guarantee

The                     Guarantee

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We've never had someone complete their CliftonStrengths assessment and initial coaching and say, "No, that report doesn't line up with who I am." We find it's usually the complete opposite!


At Shineee, we stand behind this assessment and our coaching so much that if you are not completely satisfied that your report showcases your natural talents and strengths, we'll refund you the initial coaching session - 100%.

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